You may have a nice garage that is full of toys for your children and their friends, but is the garage truly kid-friendly? The ideal garage for families will include secure, childproof storage places for dangerous materials and tools, and a way to keep kids safe while they play. This guide shows you how to make it happen.

Make Room for Games

Kids sure do like to accumulate a lot of small items that are constantly getting lost or in the way. Add hanging baskets and small bins so that the children have a place to put everything they like to play with in the garage or outside. These organizational tools are great for:

  • jump ropes
  • sidewalk chalk
  • small outdoor toys and games

And once you get them up off the floor, you will never have to hunt for them again. The best part is that this approach to organization is infinitely customizable, so you can find an arrangement that works perfectly for you.

Remove Hazards

Part of making the garage more kid-friendly is to keep the area free of hazards. Here is the impetus you need to get all the dangerous stuff out of the reach of children. Install custom garage cabinets with tight closures and locks to give you a place to store toxic chemicals like pesticides and antifreeze. The cabinets are also useful to keep power tools and small or sharp objects organized and away from small hands.

Maintain Toys

Children’s toys are designed to be safely used, but there is always risk with children playing in a garage or driveway. Attach a tall flag to tricycles and small bicycles or wagons so that the flag may be seen by someone in the car or on the street. When it is time for another activity, put the riding toys on hooks on the wall, so the kids are not tempted to ride them without supervision. As they get older, the bike hooks will be an excellent way to free up floor space.

Install Safe Flooring

Now that your garage is nicely organized, with an eye toward safety, you have a clear floor space that is ready for use. However, do you see those grease stains? They are a major slip hazard, especially for children. This is one of the many reasons homeowners decide to have a professional install epoxy floor coating. The coating is designed to withstand whatever your kids throw at it. It is durable, and stain-resistant and makes slipping a thing of the past.

Everyone wants the whole house to be kid-friendly, including the garage. You can follow this guide to ensure that your garage is safe and fun for your children. Are you ready to take your garage to the next level for your family? Contact the professionals at Pittsburgh Garage for a free consultation.

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