Clear your garage’s cluttered floor, organize all your garage stuff, and make your garage safer, cleaner, and more pleasant with these three great garage organization tips:

  1. Wall Cabinets
  2. Most of us don’t consider all the wonderful space we have waiting and available to us on our garage walls and ceiling. It’s just easier to dump stuff on the floor, in the corners, or on top of workbenches until we are drowning in a sea of garage clutter. Consider metal or MDF (medium-density fiberboard) storage cabinets that can be securely attached to your garage walls. Composed of resin, wax, and wood fibers, MDF cabinets are stronger than plywood cabinets and can hold everything from paint cans and household cleaners to sports equipment and garden tools. Garage wall cabinets made of tempered steel will hold heavy objects such as weights and electric tools.

  3. Overhead Storage
  4. Depending on the size of your garage, you could have over a hundred square feet of empty ceiling space just begging to be filled with stuff. Overhead storage systems can be remotely or manually controlled and offer sturdy support racks to hold seasonal decorations, bicycles, large sports items, and anything else you do not use much. Stuff placed in garage overhead storage systems can be stored as freestanding stuff or put in plastic or metallic trash cans equipped with fitted lids. Label storage containers using a permanent marker so you know exactly what each can hold to save time searching for what you want.

  5. Pegboards and Hooks
  6. How much of your valuable time have you wasted digging in piles of oily tools looking for the tool you need or rooting through a mountain of junk in the corner of your garage hoping to find a certain Halloween costume your child wore last year and insists on wearing this year? Pegboards and hooks to the rescue! They’re affordable, easy to install, and can instantly clear your garage floor like magic–just start picking up and hanging up everything. Lawn and garden tools, work clothes, electrical cords and anything else you can find that doesn’t belong on the floor. Nothing belongs on your garage floor except your vehicle, workbenches, or freestanding cabinets.

      One More Tip

      If your garage is seriously cluttered, there’s probably only one reason why — you are someone who finds it extremely hard to throw something out, especially if it isn’t broken or halfway usable. Push yourself to get rid of a lot of stuff by asking these three questions: 1) Do I love this? 2) When was the last time I touched this? 3) Could someone else find a use for this?

      Finally, the best way to spur yourself into action is to get professional help with garage organization issues by scheduling a free, on-site consultation. Garage storage specialists can transform your garage into the functional, pristine environment you’ve always wanted while adding to the value of your home.

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