Creating the ideal basement setting means re-envisioning the space. Basements instantly give off the feel of being dark, damp, and boring, a place to store what you don’t need rather than spend time in. Yet, this is a large amount of square footage for your home that’s easily a place you can transform into an area that’s inviting, beautiful, and even your favorite place in the home. How can you achieve this? These three steps will put you on the path to having the basement your friend’s envy.

#1: Install proper lighting

Perhaps the most important step is to install adequate lighting. By illuminating the space well, you can use it for more activities. Most basements lack windows large enough to pull in a good amount of light. Unless your basement has that type of light streaming in, you likely need to add an ample amount of additional light to make the space less dreary and more open. Adding light fixtures that open up the space but that are not too low hanging is going to make you want to be in that area more often.

#2: Establish a design theme for the space

What do you plan to use this space for? And, keeping that in mind, what type of color scheme or style do you want to create here? Because the basement is closed-off from the rest of your home, you do have a blank slate to take advantage of and make your own. There are plenty of options to consider as well including a very modern look, a traditional space, or a functionally oriented space without a lot of decor.

Once you decide on the style including colors and textures, you can begin to think about the ways to pull it off. For example, the use of epoxy floor coating can give you incredibly beautiful and durability while adding more warmth and style to the area. With numerous colors to match your tastes and the theme you’ve selected, it’s easy to see how this product can work well in the basement. Even better, it stands up to just about everything!

#3: Utilize the right storage and cabinetry in the space

Clutter can quickly take over the basement, but it doesn’t have to. With custom storage ideas for each area, you can keep items where they belong. For example, if there will be a play area, choose custom storage solutions for toys. If you plan to transform the area into an entertainment space, choose custom cabinets with shelving for a more elegant, yet functional look.

With so much space in your basement – even if it may seem packed with stuff right now – you can transform the way you use your home with just these three steps. If you like these ideas and want some help getting the process started, give us a call. Schedule a free consultation with our team today.

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