If you want to revitalize your garage floor, you have a few options to consider, from tiles to mats to garage floor paint. However, the best option might be something you’re less familiar with. It’s called epoxy floor coating. Learn more about this type of custom garage flooring to discover if it’s right for you.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

Why should you choose epoxy over other garage floor coatings? It all comes down to the many benefits of this amazing product:

  • Aesthetics: If you’re like many homeowners today, you use the garage as the main entrance to your home. Epoxy provides a much better aesthetic than plain concrete floors. Plus, thanks to 100% UV protection, the coating will never oxidize or turn yellow in the sun.
  • Durability: Unlike other garage flooring options, durable epoxy stands the test of time. It won’t warp or buckle in changing temperatures, become punctured by kickstands, peel under hot tires, or stain if something spills. The durable topcoat provides high resistance to temperature extremes, abrasion, and impact for a long-lasting, durable product that looks beautiful for many years to come.
  • Low maintenance: It’s easy to remove dirt, road salts, and oil spills from epoxy floor coatings. Maintenance requires nothing more than mopping or hosing down the surface every so often.
  • Color variety: With two dozen standard colors and endless customizable options to choose from, you can create the exact look you’re going for. The option to embed a logo or other picture in the epoxy flooring also makes it ideal for commercial applications.

What to Expect During Installation

While DIY epoxy floor kits are available, professional installation is highly recommended for the best results. Proper floor preparation, primer application, epoxy mixing, and other vital steps must take place before the epoxy goes down. Plus, once the application process starts, you must work quickly before the epoxy dries.

Professional installation involves giving careful attention to each step in the process. From the time floor preparation starts to when the epoxy has completely cured, the entire installation takes about four to five days. The time you spend parking your car in the driveway is well worth the wait; epoxy floors come with a five-year warranty and typically last closer to 15 years before needing to be replaced.

What About Upkeep?

Taking care of your epoxy floor coating is easy. Simply wipe up spills as they happen, sweep and mop occasionally, and clean heavily soiled areas with a solution of 4 to 5 ounces of ammonia per gallon of water. Avoid using any cleaners that contain acids, such as citrus or vinegar, because these products strip the shine from epoxy and make the surface more slippery when wet.

If you’re interested in pursuing custom garage flooring for your home, please request a free design consultation from Pittsburgh Garage today.

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