The color of the typical garage floor is plain cement, with perhaps a few oil stains. You may already know that this is not a good look for any home or commercial garage. With this guide, you will discover the many varieties of garage flooring colors. The right design is waiting for you.

Garage Floor Tiles

One of the most enigmatic choices you could make in your garage flooring prominently features garage floor tiles. If you want the floor to offer a checkerboard or similar design, garage floor tiles allow you to make it happen. The tiles are strong but easy to maintain. You can select several different colors in a pattern for the same floor, and they could be installed indoors or outdoors.

Decorative Chip in a Neutral Color

You have seen garage flooring that looks as if it is made from solid granite. It is not made from stone, but decorative chip flooring resembles granite so much that your eyes might be fooled. In neutral colors such as Granite Gray or Sandstone, you get a durable floor covering that appears as if it belongs in nature.

Decorative Chip in a Unique Color

Granite has a very unique design, but sometimes it is necessary to add just a bit more of a bold color to your custom garage flooring. Colors like Storm Blue or Camo Green mix the outdoors and the indoors with a flooring option that is designed to withstand heavy traffic and make cleanup after spills a snap. You will love how the color accents pop from the floor and match perfectly with your décor.

Epoxy Concrete Flooring

If the granite style is not ideal for you, you should know that there are a huge variety of solid colors that are designed to work with almost any garage. Select from neutral colors like Tan or Sand Beige or choose bright options such as Safety Yellow or Rich Blue. Either way, you get the same high gloss shine and durability that you have come to expect from epoxy floor coating.

Commercial Garage Floor Coating

When you have an industrial garage that sustains truly heavy traffic, you might wonder if custom garage flooring will work for you. The answer is an emphatic, “Yes!” A quality garage floor coating installed by a professional is built to last, no matter how much you throw at it. It still looks beautiful for you and your customers, year after year.

Imagine custom garage flooring in your garage, in beautiful colors that shine like the sun. With designs in garage floor tiles, decorative chips, and solid epoxy floor coating, you get exactly what you want and nothing less. When you are ready to turn your garage floor into the best you have ever seen, contact us for a free on-site design consultation.

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