Before too long, you will be taking down the tree and various other holiday decorations. If you want to keep your sanity, you will follow this checklist to minimize hassle and keep your garage tidy.

Swap Out Cardboard

You might think that you are saving time and money by using the same boxes that your decorations came in for storage. However, these cardboard boxes don’t protect your possessions from water, mildew, rodents or other pests. After a few years, they will barely stay together. Instead, you can buy plastic bins that will keep your holiday decorations organized and also safe.

Color Code Bins

When you buy a series of bins for all your various decorations, you have the option to customize them to fit your organization system. It’s all about the garage storage ideas that work for you. For example, you might select orange bins for fall, white bins for winter and green bins for spring. Consider purchasing bins that have a color but are also somewhat translucent, so you can see what’s inside. This helps you determine which bin you want, if you have several for one particular season or holiday.


Protect and Secure Items

Of course, you cannot simply throw your decorations in a bin and hope that they will all still be in wonderful condition next year. Some items need to be packed very carefully so they do not come apart or shatter. Put ornaments in an egg carton or liquor box. Wrap Christmas lights and put them inside a shoebox. Hatboxes or other square-shaped boxes work perfectly for wreaths and round decorations. Wrap each candle in cellophane so that they do not melt together or bleed color over other things in the container.


Label Containers

Even if you have bins that are fairly easy to see inside, you may not always be able to tell immediately if the particular small item you are looking for happens to be in this bin. That is why you should invest the time to create a list for each bin’s contents. Attach it to the side of the box, so you can see it even if you have it in overhead garage storage. Just remember not to put things in the wrong bin, unless you plan to update the list.


Arrange Decorations

Now that you have your bins ready to put away, all you have to do is find the right place for them. You might opt for wall storage if your ceiling is otherwise occupied. Consider garage cabinets or slide-out drawers to provide a perfect spot for the bins, without making your garage look cluttered.


You deserve to end the holidays with a nice, clean garage. When you are ready to learn more about garage storage ideas and custom garage cabinets coating, contact us for a free consultation.

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