Whether you want to seal your concrete surface or refurbish outdated basement flooring, epoxy coatings can help transform your area while strengthening your floor.

It’s one of the most popular floor coatings for industrial and residential floors. Not only are epoxy floors tough and aesthetically pleasing, but they come in several options, for example, anti-slip coatings.

If your basement floor is uncoated, left open to damage, and requires refinement, epoxy can be your best bet. Let’s discuss factors that can help you decide if epoxy floor coatings are right for your basement floor in Pittsburgh.

Prevents Moisture and Mold

Basements are typically humid and damp. Basements are often the most neglected section of the house, and with little to no maintenance, the moisture seepage through the floors can cause dampness, mold, and germ buildup. Epoxy creates an impenetrable, hard coating over the floor to prevent moisture. It’s 100% nonporous, making it mold and mildew-free. Epoxy floor coating will give you a clean and safe basement to enjoy all year round!

Easy to Clean

The pores and crevices in most other flooring solutions attract dirt, bacteria, and germs, making cleaning increasingly challenging. However, epoxy flooring coatings provide a smooth, sealed surface.

Since you won’t find any crevices or pores in epoxy, it’s easy to clean and maintain. You can easily wipe down your epoxy basement floors with warm soapy water.

Provides Attractive Floors

Many homeowners in Pittsburgh choose epoxy floor coatings for their aesthetic appeal. These floor coverings provide new life to tired and old basement floors with intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

In addition, it offers a range of textures, so you can effortlessly match your basement flooring with the rest of your home’s style.

Durable Finish

It is important to consider durability when deciding which floor best suits your basement. Choose a floor covering that can protect your concrete floors against any kind of wear and tear. Epoxy can help transform drab basements into stunning and inviting living spaces.

Epoxy coatings won’t crack or chip. They even resist scratching, making moving appliances and furniture easier. Moreover, they can last for years to come with proper maintenance and cleaning. All of our floor coatings have a five-year warranty against delamination, peeling or defects in materials.

Easy Installation

If you have a concrete surface or floor, you can seamlessly install epoxy coatings over a concrete surface. These floor coverings can be installed on both old and new surfaces. Moreover, you can customize the epoxy coat thickness according to your requirements.

For optimum results, we recommend hiring professionals to install epoxy on your basement floors to ensure longevity and durability.

Key Takeaway

Epoxy floor coatings are perfect for various buildings, including residential properties. They are durable, versatile, and cost-effective.

You won’t have to redo your basement floors, as they can easily last years with proper cleaning and maintenance. With special features like anti-microbial and anti-slip, epoxy can easily meet your residential, especially basement, needs.

Looking for a unique basement floor design? Browse through various decorative floor coatings from Pittsburgh Garage. These floor coatings provide stunning terrazzo or granite feel and offer other epoxy benefits, such as durability and longevity.

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