Garage floor epoxy is an ideal garage floor coating since it naturally resists spills, stains, and chemical damage. If you find that you’re struggling to keep your garage floor free of dirt, debris, and stains, adding an epoxy floor coating will instantly simplify your garage maintenance and free up your time. Better still, it’s an eco-friendly flooring choice. Learn more about the benefits of epoxy garage flooring.

Why Choose Epoxy Garage Flooring

Because epoxy floor coatings are non-porous, they naturally resist soil from foot traffic, oil drips from the car, and other dirt and debris. This natural resistance means that you will not have to spend as much time sweeping and mopping the floor.

These floor coatings also resist snow and ice melt, helping to make your garage a safer four-season space and preventing mold and mildew growth. Simply wipe up moisture to keep the floor clean and dry in any weather. By protecting your garage floor from dirt and oil saturation, you also create a cleaner and safer place for the family and can prevent accidents when working in the garage.

Unlike other types of garage floor coatings, epoxy floor coatings have very low VOC (volatile organic compound) content. Since there are minimal VOCs, there are virtually no odors associated with epoxy flooring. You and your family will not be breathing in harmful chemical fumes every time you go into the garage to get in the car, grab the lawnmower, or take out the trash.

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

If it’s important to you that your garage flooring be eco-friendly, epoxy provides a durable, tough, and green option. It also turns a bland garage floor into something attractive. Not only can this perk you up when you pass through the garage, but it can also give your home value a slight increase as your garage looks well-maintained and tidy.

This floor coating comes in a range of colors, each with a distinctive shine that makes your garage floor look polished. Yet it’s more than pretty: It’s so durable that when you drop items, they won’t chip the finish. When you spill items, they won’t seep in and mar the color. Unlike cement floors, which chip and dust over time, there’s no dusty residue associated with epoxy coatings. Breathe easier with one simple garage upgrade.

Epoxy coatings come with 100% UV protection, so they will not oxidize over time. Other garage floorings that do not have total UV protection can break down over time, releasing harmful chemicals. Protect your family and the value of your home with epoxy flooring.

As all these benefits demonstrate, there are many reasons to add an epoxy floor coating to your garage! If you have any other questions about epoxy flooring in the garage or want to get a quote for custom installation, please contact us.

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