Ugh! The kids need to grab something out of the garage, but they can’t reach it. This is such a hassle, to keep going to the garage in the afternoons or on the weekend to help the kids. There is an answer, however. Family-friendly garage storage gives you the space you need to move around, and the ability to let your kids do some of the work for themselves.

Step 1: Declutter with a Yard Sale or Donation Boxes

Fall may be your last chance to quickly eliminate a bunch of clutter before it gets stuck inside until spring. Yard sales can be a tidy way to earn some spare cash for a few hours’ worth of work, but you have to be willing to commit to it. Get the kids involved with the sorting. The promise of a little extra money may entice them to sell outdoor toys they no longer want and to keep thinking of ways that they can get rid of excess. Price equipment to sell and open your yard sale early in the morning.

Everything that does not sell could be donated. Buy a few inexpensive boxes and use them to hold anything you intend to donate or simply throw out. Be wary of deciding to sell your stuff online, unless you have some experience doing it. You do not want to set the boxes aside and realize they are still there in the spring. Ask yourself honestly what needs to happen with the clutter you have removed, and then follow through with that plan. You will not miss the mess, and your donations often go to people who need them.

Step 2: Use Other Forms of Storage

The garage tends to become that haven of havoc where your family members throw things that do not have another place. In truth, you can probably improve the efficiency of your garage storage. However, the garage was not intended to hold all the storage in your house. There are other options you might consider, once you have decluttered as much as you can and the garage is still overstuffed.
Attic: If you have a spacious attic, you may be able to keep a lot of items there without having to sacrifice good organization. Many organization tips for the garage will also apply to the attic, including using the walls as much as possible, purchasing clear bins that make it easy to see what you have, and keeping stuff off the floor. Attics can get hot during the summer, so you may need to avoid keeping food stored there.
Shed: Adding a shed to your property could be just the thing you need to beef up your available storage space. Sheds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are built to last through a long, cold winter. Select a shed that is large enough for you to store what you need, strong enough for hooks and other forms of wall storage, and easy to navigate once you are inside.
Storage Unit: Many families find that maintaining their seasonal gear in a storage unit is a viable way to add space to their homes without having to keep more stuff on the property. Storage units may be rented for shorter or longer terms and range in size from comparatively small to very large.

Extra room for storage can often make the difference between a home that is stuffed to the gills and one that is comfortable every day. However, you should always keep organization in mind, no matter how much storage space you have. If every storage area you maintain is clean and tidy, you will always be able to find whatever you need.

Step 3: Move Bulky Items to the Walls or Overhead Storage

Take a walk down your street on a warm Saturday and look into your neighbor’s garages. The neighbors who use the walls and ceiling of the garage often have garages that appear so much easier and safer to use. Garage wall storage and overhead storage are easier to put in place than you may think, and they are an incredibly effective use of space. The walls of your garage are sturdy and meant to hold things that may be quite heavy. Take advantage of them to put hooks to store your bikes for the winter. Add shelves to hold bins of toys and sports equipment, making it easier for the kids to walk around the garage safely.

Your garage ceiling is also a mine full of precious storage space. As the season starts to turn, you may wonder what to do with all of those outdoor toys the kids use during the summer. These things are lightweight but bulky, and you do not want them to monopolize your garage floor. Put them in overhead storage, and you will have room to bring down your winter equipment where you can easily access it.

Step 4: Evaluate Your Current Cabinet Storage

If you have garage cabinets, you might want to reconsider how you use them. As your kids grow, and as your interests change, your garage needs to accommodate your whole family. When the current system does not work, you should change it up to reflect your current needs. Add custom garage storage solutions that help you create the kind of stations you want for your garage. Install cabinets that put hazardous materials and dangerous equipment out of the reach of children. Use hooks and open wall baskets for their toys, so the kids can get to them without your help.

You are just a few steps away from getting the garage that your family needs. All you have to do is eliminate the clutter, maximize your available storage, use the garage walls and ceiling, and make your garage cabinets more effective. For expert advice about turning your garage into a family-friendly space, contact us for a free custom garage organization consultation.

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