You likely have a lot of tools in your home — some for your car, others for the garden, and more for home maintenance. The challenging thing about owning tools is storage. Dumping them all in one place is not the solution; it will only worsen the clutter problem.

You can put all your tools in the garage and still save room for more. The key is keeping them neat, clean, and well-organized. This article will give you the best practices for storing tools in your garage in an organized way.

Here are six ways to efficiently store your tools in your garage to save space and time:

  • Create a Catalog

Listing out the inventory of your tools can simplify and speed up the procedure. Start by creating three categories of tools: the ones you want to keep, the equipment you want to sell, and finally, the tools you want to throw away. This way, you will only be left with the essential tools that you use regularly.

  • Create Zones

After noting the tool categories and deciding which ones to keep, you can create specific spaces and zones for different tools. You can store car tools in one place — name it “car tools section” — and place home maintenance tools under the “home tools” section.

  • Use Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets are the most efficient way of organizing your tools. In addition, they give a fresh and neat look to the space. You can keep power tools and more dangerous equipment in the cabinets. Plus, Pittsburgh Garage has a variety of beautiful finishes to choose from, allowing you to fully customize your garage cabinets to your desired aesthetic.

  • Utilize a Toolbox

A tool chest or box is a great option for storing your extensive tool collection. In one section of the box, you can keep equipment that has similar uses. If you want to store bulky tools, get a toolbox with deep drawers. A toolbox is portable and can be placed in cabinets when not in use or carried to various areas around your home whenever you need it.

  • Install a Slatwall Storage System

Slatwall systems are excellent for garage organization because they store tools in a vertical space. Slatwall storage can be added to any wall you choose. Moreover, you can add tool categories by adjusting or removing panels.
Slatwall storage also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your garage. It can even be installed on surfaces that have not been finished, like concrete.

  • Consider Installing Garage Overhead Storage

Overhead storage is the perfect solution for storing tools and equipment that are not used frequently. It’s a great space for things like leftover materials from a home renovation or tools that are only used seasonally. In addition to cabinets and Slatwall, this storage solution creates more space for your belongings by attaching them to the ceiling.

Get Professional Help for Garage Storage

Pittsburgh Garage has a team of skilled professionals for renewing and optimizing your garage storage so that you can store maximum tools and equipment in an organized way. Contact us at (724) 302-0661, or use the calendar below to schedule a free estimate instantly.

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