At Pittsburgh Garage, we strive to be the go-to consultant to help you build the garage of your dreams, and we want you to dream big. We want you to think of your garage as a room, car hotel, or good place to keep your kid’s hockey gear and start to see it as a key to a more effective life. Yes, we want you to have the perfect flooring and aesthetics, but above all else, we want you to maximize your enjoyment of the room. The interesting thing about garages is that they are either the most used room in the household or the least used. If we do our job correctly, your garage will be your most used room. Let’s touch on some of the best garage organization tips because, after all, a wise man once said “a cluttered garage is a cluttered life.”

Why do you need proper garage organization?

Home Innovation Research Lab commissioned a survey of more than 900 homeowners to see how they were using their garages and the results speak for themselves. According to the survey, “ninety-three percent of homeowners use garages for storage while 84 percent use them for parking a vehicle.” Furthermore, “only about 70 percent of garage space in single-family homes is available for parking because the floor space is occupied by something other than a parked car.” Wow! Though impactful, these figures are not surprising. Such high usage rates outside of vehicular needs indicate the absolute need to clean up your space.

Okay, you’ve identified a need for better garage organization. How can we help?

First, we offer premium garage cabinetry that looks amazing and functions even better. Garage cabinets are used in a more permanent and sturdy setting. We utilize ORG ¾” vertical panels on our cabinets that are commercial-grade and use an all-steel and thermal-fused melamine coating. There is no sagging, warping, or de-lamination, and our off-floor mounting eliminates potential headaches created by moisture exposure and pest access. Multiple varieties of cabinets are available, with each style in up to seven different colors and patterns. Cabinets are fully customizable to make your garage look great!

We also carry a multitude of organizational wall accessories. Our wire wall racks are sturdy enough to hold your bicycle, and our Slatwall storage opens up a world of possibilities to hang or clip any tool, sporting good, or gardening supply. These accessories are available in any number and combination. Just tell us how you want it done! Customizable wall applications are extremely popular because the wall is one of the most unused aspects of a room. Perhaps the most unused aspect of a room is the ceiling, and your garage is the best place to include overhead storage: above your vehicle or even one of our cabinets. With our professional installation, the overhead storage is strong and is a great place for seasonal gear.

Organization is an investment in your home’s value

Taking back your garage via our organizers and cabinetry doesn’t have to be a financial stress. We believe these applications can pay themselves off in just a few months. Of course, an organized garage eliminates nicks and scratches from your vehicles and gear, keeping them looking great. If you are planning to take back a garage space previously cluttered with just, you know, stuff, then your vehicle will thank you once you give it a nice warm home away from the snow, rain, and wind. You will ride around in style by keeping your vehicle away from these elements. Even if you want to use your garage space for one hundred percent storage purposes, a proper organization can increase available space and eliminates the need for outside storage costs. In the Pittsburgh Garage, the average cost for a 7.5’ X 10’ storage unit is $120.00 per month. With an investment of a few thousand dollars to your custom garage, you will enjoy a happier life but also one that saves you money over piling stuff in a storage unit. Storage centers advertise 24-hour access, but what could be more 24-hour accessible than your garage?

The case does not need to be made further, it is time to stop wasting space and organize your garage. Utilize our garage storage tips and schedule an estimate today.

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