Many homeowners would agree that the garage is the most neglected part of the house. The clutter in there is a major hazard to your family’s well-being, especially if you have kids who love exploring the house when you tell them not to. It also isn’t easy to find what you need because of the disorder and never-ending mess.

If you can relate, now is the time to step up and transform your old garage into a functional space instead of letting it serve as a catchall for clutter. Redoing the floor, tidying up the clutter, and adding thoughtful storage solutions make it easy to organize everything from the kid’s toys to sporting equipment and everything in between.

A well-organized garage is a safe garage. You can rest assured that your child won’t trip over a bike or some old broken Christmas decorations. Furthermore, it also helps them store their baseball bats, scooters, and skateboards where they can easily reach this equipment as and when needed.

So how do you create such a tranquil garage?

Read on.

Six Top Tips for a Family-Friendly Garage Remodel

To make your space as functional as possible for the family, incorporate these tips to transform your garage:

  • Secure Your Tools

The key to maximizing the storage capability of each wall is to use garage cabinets or storage shelves for securely holding all your equipment. This prevents children from touching sharp/unprotected tools and mistaking them for toys.

We recommend using custom garage cabinets and workbenches to secure your larger tools and hardware and to keep your garage from looking disorganized.

  • Store Dangerous Substances in Lockable Containers

Flammable substances like paint, motor oil, and lawn care products are usually stored in the garage to keep them out of the interior of the home. However, there are still risks to storing these substances in the garage if they’re not stored properly. Leaks of flammable substances can pose a risk of fire when it gets too close to the heat of a car.

We recommend securely stowing chemicals and hazardous substances within garage cabinets with labels to minimize risks and limit potential exposure to small hands.

  • Use Overhead Storage System to Store Seasonal Items

Installing a ceiling-mounted storage system within a garage is one of our most-requested organization systems. It helps to store seasonal items like decorations, larger sporting equipment, and even camping equipment. By lifting these lesser-used items off the ground, you save valuable space along the walls and in the corners of your garage.

  • Install Slip-Resistant Epoxy Coating

An unmaintained garage floor can welcome greater dangers than anticipated, especially during heavy rainstorms or snowfalls. We recommend using an epoxy floor coating for your Pittsburgh Garage floor to lessen the risk of slip and fall accidents.

A slip-resistant decorative coating provides a great visual appeal and a smooth, solid, safe surface for years to come.

  • Hang Larger Items on Hooks

Hanging items like ladders, shovels, skateboards, bicycles and helmets on walls with hooks will allow you to free up more space. This allows you to get back valuable floor space and ensure that your kids have access to these things only when you want them to.

A pegboard or Slatwall is a great option for organizing your things on the wall — you can rearrange baskets, bins, and hooks as needed whenever you purchase new items that need to be stored in the garage.

  • Use a Gridwall or Slatwall Storage System

A grid wall or slatwall storage system will be another valuable addition to your garage. It is a sturdy, all-steel frame that can provide versatile garage storage and organization options.

Gridwall storage systems can seamlessly attach to your garage walls and allow you to store various tools like wrenches, shovels, and many more. In addition, it can also hold heavier equipment like surfboards and even bikes.

Whether you want to transform your garage into an organized work area or just clean up the clutter, these tips will allow you to take your garage to the next level.

However, one must remember that there is no universal way to organize a garage; hence consulting a professional before remodeling is encouraged. A professional has in-depth insight that can guide you toward transforming your garage into a welcoming and functional place, all while staying within your budget.

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