Garage organization is extremely important to a lot of people. At Pittsburgh Garage, we have highly trained designers that can help you achieve your garage makeover dreams. Pittsburgh Garage is not just known for their beautiful garage floor coatings, but we are also known for providing customers beautiful custom storage systems using our lifetime warranty garage cabinets.

In Oakmont, PA we had a repeat client reach out to our office to explain how much they loved their floor and were ready to add some storage to match not only the floor that was recently installed but also to match their idea for freshly painted walls. After explaining what they had in mind, a consult for a designer was scheduled and a few days later was able to meet with the client.

The client’s finished product

Most future clients are always interested in what to expect during the consultation. Typically a designer is able to come out and take measurements of the walls while sketching out a quick design for the outline of the garage including any obstacles that we might have to work around during installation. The designer is able to show the client samples of the cabinet finishes that we offer, while discussing the project and what the expectation of the clients makeover is.

Once our designer was able to collect all of the information from the client, he was able to take the knowledge back with him to the office and begin to create the design that the client was hoping for. Once he was able to create the design, he emailed the 3D image over to the client for approval. With some slight adjustments from the client, our designer was more than ready to move forward with the ordering process.

Once all of the custom pieces arrived at our warehouse, the client was scheduled and ready for the installation. Our designer was able to take some time prior to the installation to discuss the details with our master installers and explain what the client was expecting, and to make sure that they take their time and be careful working around the freshly painted walls of the garage.

After: the garage becomes a hockey rink!

Once the installation was complete, the client was totally blown away by how it turned out. It was exactly what he was expecting. He was more than happy to leave a five-star review for our installation team as well as spread the word of the beautiful installation done by Pittsburgh Garage.

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