At Pittsburgh Garage we can provide you with the garage makeover of your dreams, or even a basement living space that will guarantee that you are the talk of the gathering. As winter fades away and spring gets into full force, now is a perfect time to discuss how Pittsburgh Garage is also able to create beautiful patio spaces with polyurea coatings for you to gather with friends and family.

When a previous client reached out to our office looking to have us make their outdoor living space beautiful, we knew we would be able to help the client out and provide something that would not only match their home but provide them with a beautiful outdoor space with a stone-like floor coating.


When the client originally reached out to the office, we got them on the schedule quickly for our sales representative to come out, see the area, and discuss the project with the client. The concern that the client had was how would we ever get the installation done during the unpredictable spring weather in Pittsburgh.

With the information that the client gave us during the initial phone call, our sales representative was able to collect everything he needed to prepare for the appointment. Looking into the extended forecast, he was able to also get a better feel of what the weather would be like in the coming days, so we knew what to expect if the client chose to move forward.

After discussing all the expectations for the project, our outdoor flooring expert was able to leave the client with some samples so they would be able to see what their space would look like on a beautiful sunny day. It only took them a week to decide what would work the best for them and what color would match their home. Once the client officially decided on a color, it was time to go back to keeping an eye on the weather, and getting their installation done as quickly as possible.

With some understanding from our client, Pittsburgh Garage was able to get out to their home and provide them with a beautiful outdoor patio polyurea floor installation, with a stone-like finish, on a dry sunny day. Our certified and highly trained installers were able to provide the client with a mess-free and hassle-free installation that they were beyond happy with. They finally had a beautiful space to host their family and friends and enjoy the beautiful views that their home offered.

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