Pitcairn Volunteer Firefighter Wins Customized Penguins Locker

Pittsburgh, PA (June 11, 2019) – A volunteer firefighter from Pitcairn, PA. has won a season-long Pittsburgh Penguins promotion and has chosen to have the locker installed in the Pitcarin fire station, giving him the most sought-after storage locker in the area, courtesy of Pittsburgh Garage.

Pittsburgh Garage, in partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguins, ran a super fan contest this past season for the ultimate Penguins Fan locker as part of the Penguins Passport promotion. The winner was Kim Quer, who thought it would be a great surprise for her husband Tom, a volunteer firefighter in Pitcairn.

“We couldn’t be happier for Tom and Kim and we’re thrilled Tom now has what we think is the best-looking storage area for his gear in Pitcairn, – and perhaps the entire state,” said Amy Wesson, spokesperson for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

While this locker was designed for Penguins fans, Pittsburgh Garage can design and build lockers inspired by any team. In addition to firefighters and other professionals who need a place to stow their gear, Pittsburgh Garage lockers are ideal solutions for families with youth hockey, football, and baseball players as it keeps their gear organized and ready to go for their next game or practice.

“We had a great conversation with Tom and learned more about the gear he uses so that we could customize a storage locker and bench that suits his needs,” said Charles Morris, General Manager of Pittsburgh Garage.

Pittsburgh Garage specializes in luxury garage makeovers which include flooring and customized storage solutions. Pittsburgh Garage customizes its lockers for homes, garages, and yes, even fire stations. Its lockers can be designed to store sports gear for any sport as well as jackets and boots to help get out the door faster.

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