If your garage floor has seen better days, you don’t have to live with cracked or stained concrete. An unsightly slab does more than crush your morale — it also can lower the value of your home. Fortunately, you can upgrade your garage flooring easily by installing a new coating. These specialty epoxy coatings can add a punch of color and pizzazz to your garage, and — contrary to some common myths — they’re a long-lasting solution that provides a great return on your investment.

The Garage Floor Coating Installation Process

Once you’ve chosen the floor covering you like best and have scheduled a convenient day to have your new garage floor installed, you’ll need to completely clean out your garage so that nothing is touching the floor. For many homeowners, this can be a big job, so make sure you give yourself a weekend before your installation appointment to roll up your sleeves and remove all your belongings. This is a great time to declutter, and you may wish to rent a storage pod or purchase a tarp to cover your items during the installation process.

When the installation team arrives, they’ll begin by using a large grinder with diamond tooling to clean the surface of your bare concrete floor. This exposes a clean layer of concrete for the best possible adhesion of your coat.

ting. If you have any cracks or pitting, the crew will use a special polymer filler to create a smooth surface.

Once the concrete is ready, your installer will add a primer and then the decorative coating you’ve chosen. You can also add a topcoat for protection and shine. Your floor will require time to dry between coats, and you may notice an odor. The smell isn’t harmful to people or pets and usually dissipates quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Installing Garage Floor Coatings

How Long Will It Take to Apply the Coating?

Installing a garage floor coating takes two days. This accounts for the drying time between coats, and it’s important not to rush the process so that you get a strong, long-lasting bond between the epoxy and your concrete. Weather can affect the process, so you may want to ask your installer about the current conditions and other factors that will influence the timetable before you schedule.

When Can I Use My Garage?

Once all the coats have been applied, the surface needs to cure, or dry thoroughly and adjust to the local temperature and humidity. The curing process takes another 24 to 36 hours, depending on the weather. Check with your installer before he leaves to double-check when you’ll be able to park your car and return your belongings to the garage.

How Long Until My Garage Floor Coating Needs to Be Replaced?

A properly installed garage floor can last up to 15 years with normal wear and regular care. You can extend the life of your new flooring by sweeping up loose dirt and using a garden hose — not a pressure washer! — to spray it clean with plain water. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners and solvents, but feel free to mix 6 ounces of clear ammonia in a gallon of water to use as a cleaning solution for stubborn dirt.

A beautiful new garage floor coating only takes a few days to install, and the results are both beautiful and long-lasting. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

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