Epoxy is a sleek and durable floor coating that can transform your Pittsburgh home or business garage. It includes endless color choices to help you match your aesthetics while enhancing the durability of your floor.

Okay, so you decided to install epoxy flooring – congratulations! You have invested in this transformative flooring solution and want to ensure its longevity.

All you have to do is follow some simple do’s and don’ts to give your Pittsburgh epoxy floor coating a long life.

This guide will reveal some gems of knowledge to teach you how to extend the life of your epoxy floor coating.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Perform routine maintenance to keep your epoxy floor coating in optimal condition. This may include buffing or polishing the surface to restore its shine, reapplying a protective top coat when necessary, or addressing any minor repairs or touch-ups as needed.

Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Chemicals

Epoxy floor coatings generally resist chemicals. However, prolonged exposure to certain substances can still cause damage. Avoid leaving spills or chemical solutions on the surface for an extended period. Clean up any chemical spills immediately using the appropriate cleaning methods and products recommended for epoxy coatings.

Avoid Impact and Sharp Objects

Despite their durability, heavy objects or equipment can damage epoxy coatings if not handled with care. So, it’s essential to exercise caution when handling such items to avoid scratching or denting the coating.
Use non-slip mats or cushioned pads beneath heavy machinery or furniture to protect your epoxy floor coating from damage.
This distributes weight evenly, minimizing the chance of surface indentations or scratches. Furthermore, avoid dragging or dropping heavy objects directly onto the epoxy coating to prevent potential harm.

Use Non-Abrasive Cleaning Tools

Avoid using abrasive tools such as steel wool or rough scrub brushes when cleaning your epoxy floor coating. These can scratch or damage the surface of the layer. Instead, opt for soft microfiber mops, sponges, or soft-bristle brushes to remove dirt and stains gently.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Epoxy floor coatings are sensitive to extreme temperatures. It can make the epoxy too soft and cause potential peeling. On the other hand, extreme cold can make it brittle and put it at risk of cracking.
The key is to maintain a consistent temperature in the area where you’ve installed the epoxy floor coating in Pittsburgh. If the space is subject to extreme temperature fluctuations, consider using floor mats or rugs to provide extra protection.

Minimize UV Exposure

Over time, prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV rays can cause epoxy floor coatings to fade or turn yellow. To minimize UV damage, consider using window treatments or UV-protective films on windows during summer in Pittsburgh.
This will help reduce the amount of direct sunlight reaching the floor. If possible, use curtains or blinds during peak daylight hours.

Regularly Inspect for Damage

Inspect your epoxy floor coating periodically for any signs of damage or wear. Look for chips, cracks, or areas where the coating may be peeling. If you notice anything off about your epoxy floor coating, quickly address them to make sure no further damage happens to it. If you need help fixing damage to your epoxy floor coating, consult a professional in Pittsburgh who would know how.

Trust Experts to Handle Your Epoxy Floor Coating

Your decision to invest in epoxy flooring is a smart one. However, the benefit of choosing epoxy shines through when professionals are chosen to carry out the installation. Although the installation process is not overly time-consuming, it demands precision and expertise.

To guarantee the utmost quality and longevity of your flooring investment, it is crucial to entrust the installation of your epoxy floor coating to professionals in Pittsburgh. By doing it yourself, you run the risk of not carrying a warranty,, while an expert service might offer warranty coverage.


Epoxy floor coating isn’t very demanding in terms of care — you only have to do the basics and put in a little bit of regular effort for it to continue looking great and lasting as long as possible.

These maintenance instructions  will eventually save you money and hassle in the long run. Please ensure that you adhere to the guidelines provided in this blog or any other resources suggested by the epoxy floor coating installation service, taking note of the do’s and don’ts mentioned.

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