Whether you like it or not, consumers rely heavily on first impressions to make decisions. Therefore, all entrepreneurs should make major upgrades to their brick-and-mortar business regularly. One easy way you can boost the aesthetic appeal of your brick-and-mortar business is by applying an epoxy floor coating to add a little shine. Here are a few ways you can use epoxy floor coating to upgrade your business.

Commercial Flooring

When customers walk in to do shopping or to inquire about the products and services you provide, you want them to be dazzled by the beauty and cleanliness of your brick-and-mortar business. One aspect that will contribute immensely to the overall appearance of your store is the condition of the commercial flooring. If your commercial flooring looks dingy and dirty, this won’t reflect well on your brand or even the products or services you provide.

Unfortunately, flooring in retail stores and other commercial businesses tend to be highly trafficked. As a result, the commercial flooring of most brick-and-mortar stores is stained and cracked. Therefore, you should apply an epoxy floor coating to protect against damage and to make clean-up a breeze for you. You should also keep in mind that epoxy floor coatings come in a number of different colors, so you should have no trouble choosing one that matches the color scheme of your commercial building.


Some businesses operate primarily or just partially in a garage. For example, if you run a mechanic shop, you likely do must of your work and business in a garage. While most consumers don’t expect garages to look the best, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to go against the mold and exceed the expectations of your consumers. The floors of most garages are usually dingy and stained. However, this is nothing that a good epoxy floor coating won’t be able to fix.

Not only will an epoxy coating boost the appearance of the garage flooring, but it will also protect and preserve the concrete from damage caused by tools, rapid changes in temperature, fluid leaks, and the weight of vehicles. Concrete protected with an epoxy floor coating is also easier to clean and less likely to stain in the first place.

Outdoor Walkways

The final way you can upgrade your business with epoxy floor coating is by applying it to the outdoor walkways of your brick-and-mortar business. Just like commercial flooring, outdoor walkways are also subjected to heavy foot traffic regularly. Not only that, but outdoor walkways are also subjected to often harsh weather conditions at all times. If you want to make your outdoor walkways more resistant to weather, use an epoxy floor coating. You can also depend on textured epoxy floor coatings to make your outdoor walkways less slippery, especially when it rains.

In order to continue to attract customers and to boost sales, business owners need to make upgrades to their brick-and-mortar store constantly. One easy way you can upgrade your business is with epoxy floor coatings. The methods discussed above should help you do just that.

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