The sun is shining and the water’s warm. Are you ready for summer? If your garage is a cluttered mess, you have some organizing to do before you can expect to use this space to the fullest. Implement these garage storage ideas to get it ready for summer.

De-clutter the Space

Winter hibernation is long over. You’re spending a lot more time outside these days with your family. If you’re like most people, you use the garage as the main entrance into your home, which means more foot traffic in and out. Is the floor clear, or do items roll around and create a tripping hazard? The first step to an organized garage is to clear a footpath, which a lot of times means throwing items away. Whatever you decide to keep needs a new storage spot above the floor.


Separate Everyday Items from Seasonal Gear

Some items in your garage should remain accessible year round. Others are geared toward different seasons. Plan to store everyday items in a convenient place you can reach at all times. Then sort through seasonal belongings. Place summertime items – gardening supplies, camping gear, outdoor sports equipment, pool noodles – on low shelves for now and pack up wintertime items – snow shovels, deicers, snow blowers, holiday décor – for another six months. By sorting out items you won’t use for a while, you maximize your garage storage space.


Utilize Overhead Storageoverhead-06

To get off-season items out of the way, pack them up in boxes and lift them onto overhead storage racks. This custom garage storage idea is even available with pulleys or automatic mechanisms to raise and lower the racks. This makes it easy to reach what you need without a ladder. That way, you free up space on the floor for a walking path.


Make Room for Bulky Items

Large open shelves are the ideal storage space for bulky items you’ll need this summer, including luggage for family vacations, lawn chairs for enjoying time outside and sporting equipment for playing in the back yard. Make sure you store these items in an easy-to-reach place for quick access this time of year.


Invest in Wall Hooks

Bikes, kayaks and other oversized items are best kept on the wall. Heavy duty wall hooks allow you to get these items up off the floor. Hanging baskets also offer a place to store smaller items. The easiest way to facilitate flexible, movable wall hooks is to install a slatwall and attach hooks to the slats as needed. Do these garage storage ideas inspire you? You may be eager to transform your garage but feel unsure about where to begin. Schedule a free on-site design consultation with a Pittsburgh Garage representative to learn what custom garage storage could benefit you most.

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