If the garage is the most neglected room in the house (as it often is), then the garage floor may be the most neglected structure in the house. Most homeowners give zero thought to their garage floor until it begins to give them problems. That’s unfortunate, because repairing or reversing something after the fact is usually much more difficult and expensive than maintaining it properly from the get go.

Be Smarter than “Most Homeowners!”

When you’re proactive about maintaining your home, your home will give you fewer problems and retain its value far longer than it would if your approach to maintenance is reactionary. You’ll also enjoy your home more. While maintaining your garage floor may not be the number one item on your to-do list, it’s something you should think about sooner rather than later. If you park your vehicles in your garage, the garage floor is one of your home’s highest-traffic spaces. Left untreated, your garage floor is prone to pitting, scuffing, staining, and disintegration due to additives used in your car’s oil and transmission fluid.

Showcase Your Possessions and Enjoy an Aesthetically Pleasing Welcome

While some people consider it “just a garage,” other people consider the garage a showplace for some of their most prized possessions, their collectible cars or motorcycles. Some people spend time in their garage workshops, pool tables, bars. Some people want every area of their home to be inviting and aesthetically appealing, including the garage. If you fit into these latter categories, you’ll love how epoxy flooring can transform your garage. Epoxy flooring is:

  • Durable.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Contemporary.
  • Non-toxic.
  • UV stable.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Strikingly beautiful.
  • Fully cured and ready for use the day after it is applied.

Exacting Expert Application, Beautiful and Lasting Results

When hand applied by experienced epoxy flooring experts, your new garage floor will withstand typical foot and vehicle traffic, puddles left from liquid snowmelt, abrasive tracked-in beach sand, pressure from golf spikes and sports cleats, spills, splatters, pet messes, and whatever your busy family may dish out.

With literally hundreds of flake and solid color combinations, you’re certain to find a look that completely complements your home’s design and style so your floor looks like it was part of your original interior design scheme. 

Choose from metallic garage floor coatings that create an artisanal appearance with pearlescent or iridescent effects, shiny high-gloss coatings, subdued matte finish coatings, or decorative chip coatings densely packed with colorful flakes. Dozens of colors are available so you can customize your ideal garage floor.

Consult the Garage Enhancement Specialists

If you’re interested in breathing new life into your old, neglected garage floor or wish to transform a perfectly fine garage into a space that will turn heads and will retain its beauty for decades to come, contact us at Pittsburgh Garage.

We apply epoxy flooring, using coatings that are stronger and more flexible than standard paints and DIY coating systems. Our fused epoxies and polyurethane components we use bond permanently to concrete, and will not wear through or peel. We also install custom garage storage cabinets and have an array of garage organization solutions to customize your garage and make it stylish and functional. Call us today for a free consultation. 

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