The features that make epoxy flooring a great option for garage floors can also benefit commercial floors. Regardless of whether you manage a warehouse, production facility, or storefront, epoxy flooring has qualities that can help protect your business from unexpected expenses while increasing the amount of money that you earn.

Reduce Workplace Injuries

More than 250,000 employees miss at least one day of work per year because of slip-and-fall accidents. Those accidents cost companies a lot of money because workplace injuries often lead to paid time off. If the injured employee qualifies for workers’ compensation, then your insurance rates could go up, making it even more difficult for your company to profit.

Slip-resistant epoxy flooring helps protect your business from the negative effects of workplace injuries. Once you have epoxy added to the floor of your warehouse or production facility, you can expect employees to experience fewer slips and falls.

Protect Your Floors from Chemical Spills

Epoxy flooring is made from durable resins and hardeners that turn into plastic when mixed. The epoxy coating shields floors from chemical spills that could damage concrete.

A wide range of chemicals has been shown to damage concrete floors. Some of the most problematic chemicals include chlorides, sulfates, alkalis, and acids. If a spill happens in your production facility, these and other types of chemicals could erode the concrete floor.

In some cases, it doesn’t take much exposure for chemicals to break down concrete. Even a few minutes could have disastrous results. Adding epoxy flooring to your concrete floors helps ensure that your floors stay in good condition for decades.

Make Floors Easier to Sanitize

Hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes, and other medical facilities need to keep their environments as sterile as possible. Any unclean surface can increase infections among patients, visitors, and employees. People go to medical facilities to get healed. All too often, though, they acquire different sicknesses during their visits.

MRSA, a type of infection that doesn’t respond to usual treatments, creates one of the largest health threats in medical facilities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that hospital-related severe MRSA infections and deaths have fallen significantly over the last few years. Regardless, many patients get sick while undergoing treatments.

Making medical facilities easier to clean could help lower the number of people who get sick. Since epoxy flooring is so easy to clean, it makes sense for more medical facilities to use it to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading.

You can keep epoxy flooring clean and kill troublesome viruses and bacteria by mopping the floor with a combination of ammonia and hot water.

Improve Your Store’s Attractiveness

Epoxy flooring has a reflective surface that can help stores look more attractive to buyers. By making your storefront look brighter and happier, you’ll encourage more people to buy items from your business.

Decorative chip floor coatings can add even more beauty to commercial spaces. Some popular options include Granite Gray, Storm Blue, and Red Clay. Of course, you can get solid epoxy flooring colors if you prefer that option.

Learn more about the benefits of using epoxy flooring at your business by contacting Pittsburgh Garage. Free consultation from Pittsburgh Garage will make it easier for you to decide whether epoxy is the right solution for your workplace.

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