When you gaze around your garage, you know that something is very wrong. Long have you looked at others’ garages and wished yours could be much cleaner and more organized? Wonder no longer, for you could easily have the floor space you need and make your garage look neater at the same time. All you have to do is consider your garage walls, and all the space you could use there. With these custom wall storage options, you will finally have a place for all your garage organization needs.

Wall Baskets

You probably have a few items that are lightweight but can get into trouble in the garage. If you have kids, the balls and bats rolling over the garage floor may drive you crazy. Wall baskets were designed for your needs. Loose balls can be a danger underfoot, and also when children run out into the street to chase them. Instead, put tennis rackets, baseball bats, and footballs in this custom wall storage. That way, you always know where to find what you need, and have no worries about stumbling around in the dark.

Magnetic Toolbars

Baskets are great for lightweight things, but you need a completely different arrangement for the really small items. Tools and small materials or equipment can turn your garage into a disorganized nightmare. Fine-tune your garage organization with a focus on smaller items. Install a magnetic toolbar above your workbench so that you have a handy place to put your tools. The magnetic strip keeps the tools in place, out of the reach of small hands, and right where you need them.

Sturdy Hooks

You look at your walls, and you wonder what else you can put there. The walls of your garage are prime real estate, especially because you can use them to get even the bigger things up off the floor. Do not worry too much about the weight, for a sturdy hook installed into a stud will hold a lot more than you think. Add hooks to give you a place to store bikes, ladders, skis, and other large pieces of equipment you like to store in the garage. Custom wall storage like this allows you to place the hooks at the right height for your needs, so even the kids can get their bikes on and off for playtime.

You want an organized garage, but you need one that works best for you and your family. That is why you need custom wall storage, from wall baskets for your sports equipment to magnetic bars for tools and hooks for larger items. With these garage storage ideas, you can turn a disorganized garage floor into a clear space where everything has its place. When you are ready for a garage organization that is designed for you, Pittsburgh Garage is there to help. Contact us for a free on-site design consultation today!

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