We clean oily, dirty concrete garage floors

We clean epoxy/poly coated garage floors

Spring cleaning usually begins in the home, maybe even outside, but rarely does it include the garage floor. Let Pittsburgh Garage the original and absolute authority in garage makeovers for over 20 years, professionally clean your garage floor. We will send out a team of our experienced technicians to power wash, mechanical scrub and hand dry your garage floor. This is spring cleaning at its finest.


Consider this: Your home’s floors are meticulously cleaned every day, the rugs are spotless and perfectly complement the decor, allowing you to comfortably wander barefoot throughout your living space. However, it’s important to bear in mind that you must traverse your grimy, oily garage floor before entering your splendid home.

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Whether your floor is coated with an epoxy or polyurea floor or just untreated concrete that is dirty or stained we can clean either condition using our industrial cleaning products and experienced technicians.

We clean dirty epoxy/polyurea coated garage floors!

We specialize in cleaning epoxy / polyurea coated floors. We will mechanically clean your floor to get as clean as possible without causing damage.

  • Our cleaning agents are designed to not damage or affect the integrity of your coated floor
  • Our 10 step cleaning process will leave your floor looking its best
  • Spot treatment and hand drying are both included
We clean dirty concrete garage floors!

Bring new life to your dirty stained concrete garage floor. Our high powered mechanical equipment will mechanically clean your floor with special more aggressive adapters to deep clean.

  • Our cleaning agents will remove years’ worth of stains, road salt and rust
  • Spot treatment and hand drying are included

Call us at (724) 302-0661 to schedule your garage floor cleaning today!


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Instead of attempting a DIY garage floor cleaning on your hands and knees, entrust the task to professionals equipped with the right tools and cleaning products to achieve the sparkling results you’re looking for.

Leave it to the professionals!

Do I need to move all my stuff out of the garage?

No. We will install a temporary water-resistant barrier around the perimeter of the garage to separate your belongings from the area being cleaned. The more you remove before our arrival the larger the area we can clean!

Call us at (724) 302-0661 to schedule your garage floor cleaning today!