There is nothing more quintessentially American than a dedication to what we call “classic cars.” Every teenage dreamer thinks about their sixteenth birthday as a time to step behind the wheel of their dream mobile, and as people grow up, these dreams never die. Classic cars have never been more popular as a collector’s item, hobby, or even as a daily driver. However, classic cars are not just a badge of honor—they are an appreciating asset, something that delivers joy daily, but can also pay for itself by drawing continued value on the resale market. Because of this, it is necessary to take precautions with how these relics are both stored and maintained, which is where we at Pittsburgh Garage come into play. Our garage improvements and remodel options are integral to the maintenance of your classic car from an investment, safety, and functionality standpoint. Here is how we can help.

Working from the top down, a garage remodel centered around your classic car needs to begin with a clean and organized space, something we specialize in. Clearing out all of the dust and dirt is important, but clearing out the clutter from your garage is typically the first step when looking at a garage remodel. Our installation process includes a delivered portable storage unit to kickstart the garage cleanse and get you ready to build a space catered to your classic car.

Once you have a blank canvas in your garage, you can let your imagination run wild. Our custom cabinet options are not only beautiful, but incredibly functional, and offer incredible ways to store all of the tools and parts your car needs. Built using ORG’s ¾” thick vertical panels, Pittsburgh Garage’s custom cabinets are strong enough to stand the test of time and will not warp or de-laminate. For those with an eye for design, we offer a multitude of finish options to create any aesthetic look that you could ever want. The cabinets are installed off the ground in a way that will keep your tools and covers safe from critters as well as potential water damage.

On top of our cabinet options, our custom organization tools provide access to the “harder to reach” parts of your garage to store both seasonal and everyday parts. Our slotted wall organizers can be installed just about anywhere and offer hooks, baskets, and studs that are perfect for your brushes, sponges, or other cleaning tools that you need constant easy access to. Wire grid wall racks are strong enough to hold long hoses in a coil for when you need to clean your classic vehicle outside of the garage, and, again, are built to easily shift around if you decide to hang your organization as you accumulate more resources and parts.

Maybe the most overlooked but useful part of the garage is the area above the car itself: the space above your head. Our overhead storage racks create the perfect opportunity to store the things you need to have, but only need to access a few times a year: seasonal car covers, spare tires, lifting blocks, and other protected items for your car’s off-season hibernation. Rest assured that the ceiling racks are strong and fear not for your car below. Your pride and joy will be well-protected from nicks and scratches when all of these organization tools are used. No more yard tools to trip over!

As a classic car enthusiast, you spend a lot of time under the hood and under the vehicle itself. Being near your garage floor means you need one that is sturdy, easily cleaned, and, obviously, beautiful. After all, you are in this hobby to enjoy the vehicle and need to show it off to yourself and your friends! We offer an incredible variety of coatings for garage floors ranging from decorative chip coatings, solid color coatings, and metallic coatings to tile inserts that are installed on top of your existing floor. Additionally, we offer commercial coatings for those enthusiasts that maintain classic cars not only as a hobby but as a profession.

Our coatings are high quality, stain-resistant, and boast an attractive finish. We have hundreds of finish options: matte finishes will hide dirt and grit, while the metallic finishes need a bit more TLC but will illuminate your ride like a spotlight! Tile floors are a company favorite because they can be fully customized into any design you would like. If you would like to outline a parking space, incorporate your favorite team’s colors, or simply want a pinstripe pattern, this is the option for you! The tiles are installed with an interlocking system and the tiles are UV resistant and great for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, they are non-slip, keeping you safe while you tinker with your vehicle to keep it in tip-top condition. Our commercial floor coatings use a Polyurea Poly aspartic system that resembles a spray-on truck bed liner and has four times the strength of normal coating materials. It is odor-free and uses a multi-layer system, where a body layer is applied to the floor surface followed by decorative flakes, and finished with the Poly aspartic top coating. It is less customizable than our traditional floor coverings, but we do offer six different options to choose from.

If garages are our livelihoods, cars are our life. We spend every day working to protect your dream car and classic vehicle hobby. We want to help you find a garage remodel that is safer for both you and the car, but also one at which you can stand back and beam with pride. Our installation process is easy, our estimates are free, and the initial assessment and design process is typically complete in only 2-3 days!

Schedule a meeting with our garage to remodel experts, and we will use proprietary design software to help you build the perfect space to store your classic car.

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