A lot of our future clients with Pittsburgh Garage think that they need to have a new construction or a large mansion for us to come out. That isn’t always the case. Located in a quiet neighborhood outside of the city of Greensburg, PA, a future client was looking for a way to make his garage fit his personality slightly better.

Located on a corner lot, our client felt like his neighbors had an eyeful of his garage, and the condition of his floor. As a new homeowner, he wanted to make sure that all of his hopes for his home were able to happen. One of the first things on his list was to make his garage floor look more appealing. As a new homeowner, he knew this summer would be full of family barbeques, as well as small gatherings around his neighborhood, and he wanted to make sure that he would fit right in.

During the installation: a work in progress

When he called into our office to make the appointment, he explained that he did have a budget, and he did have a few concerns. Here at Pittsburgh Garage, our expert sales representatives understand the struggles of new home ownership, the desire to make sure that everything looks nice, and the hopes for your new home to be the way you envision. We also understand when a client is on a budget, and we will do our best to work within those parameters.

Pittsburgh Garage can take your budget and work with you to provide the epoxy garage floor coating that you were hoping for, but for a price that will work with you. As we have many different flooring solutions available, we will select the one that fits all your needs. We understand that our clients like to have a few quotes before deciding to move forward. Most clients will find that Pittsburgh Garage falls right into their budget and will provide expert quality installations.

During the installation: a work in progress

Just like our client in Greensburg — our sales representative was able to go to his home and provide him a quote that fell right into his budget. When our sales representative leaves after the initial visit, he can leave you with an instant quote. We understand that sometimes you need a day or two to decide if this is right for you, and you are welcome to take the time you need.

Once our Greensburg client approved the quote, our highly trained Master Installers went and provided an excellent installation. In just two days, Pittsburgh Garage was able to leave the client with a brand-new garage floor that is sure to be the talk of the next community gathering.

After: what a transformation! And on a budget!


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