Sometimes when clients call into the office, they are looking for something other than an epoxy floor coating or our custom storage solutions. These clients are looking for help in areas that are not traditional, or maybe something they are unsure we are able to help with. Something we here at Pittsburgh Garage cannot stress enough is to just call us! Call our office and explain your vision, and typically we can be there in a few days to help bring your project to life.

When a client from Pittsburgh called in, they were unsure if we were able to even help. Typically, when our clients think of Pittsburgh Garage, they think of garage floors, basements, etc… something that doesn’t always come to mind is a patio, or even a porch. Our client was looking to have something slightly different done on their front porch.

Before: concrete floors that were in great shape, but pretty plain.

They were looking to install a tile system on their front porch. The client wanted something they could customize and pick their own colors. A big concern was the warranty and ease of cleaning, and the client was thrilled when they found out that our tile system comes with a lifetime warranty.

When our flooring expert arrived, he listened to what the client was looking for and discussed in detail the options that we had. Once he and the client came to a decision that they were going to use our tile system, he was able to assure the client that he could incorporate the colors of their choosing into a design that they will love.

After: functional, highly durable modular tile.

Something that our client really loved was not only the lifetime warranty, but how easy it was to clean it. All it required was simple maintenance – to clean between the tiles, all they do is simply blow it out with a landscape blower, or even vacuum it out with a shop vac. To clean it, some soap and water over the top and left to dry was the simple maintenance they were looking for.

Once the materials came in, and the flooring expert was able to sit down with our foreman on the installing team and explain the design, the colors, and the expectations for this installation, everything was set. Our highly trained professional installers were able to install this floor with ease, and make sure it was something that the client loved.

After: a unique look for a front porch.


Interested in transforming a space like this?

Our small family run business is thankful for every client we have and strives to provide the most expert installations and friendly customer service in the business. Pittsburgh Garage is here for our clients from the first phone call to the consultation, the installation and after with any questions they may have.

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