Here at Pittsburgh Garage, our expertise is not only in residential homes — we have renovated thousands of square feet of flooring in commercial locations. What also might surprise you is that we do not only do epoxy floors; we offer a garage tile system that comes with a lifetime warranty, is low maintenance, and is perfect for all kinds of commercial spaces.

Check out our previous commercial customer. The client owns an auto dealership in Murrysville, Pennsylvania and wanted something that was easy maintenance, but also not completely permanent. With our skilled master installers, Pittsburgh Garage knew that we would be able to help.

Before: concrete floors showing stains from grease and oil.

After a quick phone call to our office and a short conversation detailing the client’s needs, we were able to schedule our Commercial Flooring Expert to come out to Murrysville as soon as possible. Sure, epoxy floor coatings are great and have many benefits to them, but our tile system offers customization options that our epoxy floor coatings do not.

This method comes with a variety of color options and designs that can make your space stand out against the crowd. Check out how our Commercial Flooring Expert was able to design our client’s space to their exact specifications and color choices. Many different patterns can be utilized to create a completely customized garage floor, or in this case an auto dealership floor.

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, our master installers took the design and the measurements and cut the floor down to the exact size. We can work around any obstacles that your space may throw our way by simply cutting around the area to fit the tile perfectly into the space that you have.

During: calculating the exact measurements for cutting the tile.

Cleaning was very important to this client. Having a tidy working environment for his mechanics was important to not only the client, but also to his customer base as well. This floor is very low maintenance, so it fit the bill perfectly. Cleaning this tile flooring is as simple as taking a shop vac and sweeping out the area, or even an electric blower and just blowing the debris out of the door. Simple, quick, and easy for our busy client and his workers.

With a variety of colors to pick from plus the skill of our expert designers, we can bring your designs to life. We can take your old, boring concrete flooring and bring it to life. The best part about this floor is if you want to move, you can just as easily take the floor with you. We can come back out and remeasure the new home, and you are free to take what you already have and install it in the new space to make it look just as great as before.

After: an impressive look for both client and customers!

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