I bet when you hear Pittsburgh Garage, you think of the beautiful epoxy floors we are known for installing in homes across the Pittsburgh area. Maybe you think of that glamorous metallic look, our highly durable tile systems, or our traditional decorative chip flooring. Have you ever thought about the possibility of a hockey rink… in a garage? A memorable recent project we worked on was for a local customer in Ross Township, PA. He was interested in a solid-colored floor, but he wanted to know if we would be interested in doing a custom project with different color combinations. The answer was an absolute YES, we LOVE doing unique projects like this!

When the client called into our office and first asked if we would be interested in doing a custom flooring project to fit his garage, we knew right away Pittsburgh Garage was the right fit for him. We also knew that our expertly skilled and creative sales representatives were the right people to help them create this one-of-a-kind flooring project.

Before: cracked and unfinished

After meeting with the client and going over the basics that we cover on a standard appointment, he dropped the custom flooring bomb on the sales representative, who couldn’t have been happier to help the client out. Making quick work of some grid paper, he was able to sketch out an initial design with the client, making sure that this was exactly what he was interested in and that it was something we could do.

Pittsburgh Garage boasts of having highly trained master installers that have been with the company for years. When our sales representative brought the sketch back to our lead foreman, he couldn’t be more excited to help provide this client with the best floor that we could.

Creating the design wasn’t easy. It took an extra visit to ensure that our measurements were exact and that the spots were marked off correctly. We wanted to give the client a crystal-clear idea of what we would be doing before we even went to work on it. After entering it into our CAD system, we were able to ensure the accuracy of the layout and give the client confidence that we would exceed his expectations. The client couldn’t be more excited for this to come to life.

After: the garage becomes a hockey rink!

With our crew working tirelessly, we were able to provide this client with the floor that he dreamed of. This floor was the best he hoped for, and he couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out. Five days is all it took to provide this amazing custom floor for our client, and he was ready to show it off. This floor created a buzz around the office and among our technicians, as we just love a challenge and custom garage flooring projects like this one. So, if you have an idea for a unique flooring project, let us know — it would be our pleasure to work on it with you and help turn your dream garage into a reality.

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