When most clients are looking to start making over their garages, basements, patios, or other areas of their homes, they typically want to start with the flooring. They reach out to the office, and they request an epoxy flooring expert to come out and provide a quote. Recently, we had a client in Cranberry, PA call into our office and explain that they were ready to “just start over.” They wanted to take everything out their old garage shelves and start over with something that was less of an eyesore. When originally speaking with our scheduling coordinator, they explained that they just wanted someone to come out and look at their garage flooring, as they had an old DIY floor and wanted something more professional in their home.

Before: open shelving that wasn’t getting the job done and DIY flooring that had begun to crack.


When booking the appointment, the scheduling coordinator made sure to send out a representative who was not only highly trained and knowledgeable about epoxy garage flooring, but also someone that would be able to field and answer any design questions a client might have about organization and storage. During the appointment, the future client explained what they were looking to have done, and our representative was more than happy to get some measurements and create a design for them. While getting measurements, our team member was able to speak with the family, hearing their plans for cleaning out their garage and starting over again with a much neater and tidier space.

Keeping in mind what they wanted, our representative took the information back to the office and created a custom design with larger garage cabinets for storage that would be helpful for the family’s needs. In the new design, the items that they wanted to stow away would be hidden – much less of an eyesore. In addition to the new storage system, the client also wanted to have the flooring done. Once they got a feel for the cabinet design, they were able to browse our selection of floor colors and choose the one that would suit the space best. Once they made their final decisions on the colors and designs, it was time to schedule the installation!

After: functional, tall cabinets that will hide away the family’s items!


Installation began just a few weeks later, once the client had expressed they were ready. They were scheduled first for their flooring to be installed by our trained professional installers. Next up came the cabinets. Once our skilled installers built and installed the cabinets, the makeover felt complete! The client was thrilled to finally have a completed garage that they felt gave them the new start they were looking for.

After: a close-up view at the new flooring. Pardon the blur, it was an exciting day 🙂


Not all installations by Pittsburgh Garage need to be a huge garage makeover. Our staff is trained to help future and potential clients with all different types of projects they might have. Ranging anywhere from a large commercial project to a small residential patio, all it takes is a phone call or an email to schedule an appointment and 45 minutes of your time with a representative to help with your garage makeover project.

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