It’s hard to believe that spring is already right around the corner. After a long winter of snow sports and indoor activities, is your garage as cluttered as our latest customer?

Out in Mars, PA sits a very unassuming home with a detached garage that was so cluttered parking inside was no longer an option. Our overwhelmed client wasn’t sure how to get everything for the upcoming winter and the holidays. With two simple goals in mind – parking in the garage this winter and organizing for her very active family – she knew she needed an extra hand.

It only took one quick phone call to get our best designer out to her, armed with an iPad and some grid paper, he was ready to help. We listen closely to your needs, and your requests, show samples of the beautiful finish on our garage cabinets, and garage organizational use of slat wall. We also provide options with a grid panel system attached to the wall and a plethora of accessories and hooks to hold all your items. Everything is customized to your space and your needs. Our talented designers take the knowledge that our client has armed them with back and provide a 3D rendered sample of a garage design to fit your custom needs and custom space, and sure to be the envy of the neighborhood in Mars, PA.

Think your idea might be off the wall? Maybe you are looking for something that will not only help you but help your pets as well. We are not afraid of a challenge; we can even include something for your pets. Past clients have gone as far as to provide pet doors in the garage cabinets that can provide a safe place during the loud and hectic times of the year where their furry friend can go hide and feel safe away from the hustle and bustle.

If you have an active family like our client in Mars, PA, that is no problem. To best utilize our garage organizational systems, we have a range of accessories for our wall grid panel system, ranging from baskets to store baseballs, basketballs, and even volleyballs to bike hooks for the adventurous family on the go ready to explore the multitude of trails around Mars, PA.

Our garage designers have your best interest in mind. If you want to change the design by adding or taking something away, it is as simple as a quick email or phone call. We offer anything from overhead storage installed into the ceiling of the garage, to open shelves and closed cabinets, we are here to help provide the best solutions to help you and your family get organized and ready for this new year.

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