When you hear epoxy floor coating system, what’s the first thing that might come to mind… your garage, maybe your basement? Maybe even something in the bathroom, but what about a commercial building? Maybe somewhere you’d never expect — what about the Humane Society? Residential homes are not the only locations where we can provide exceptional quality service. We have done hundreds of thousands of square feet in commercial locations all around Pittsburgh over the last 15 years. Take one of our most recent locations into consideration.

One of the most common questions that we are asked is typically “is this safe for my pets?” The answer is simple and always the same. Absolutely. One of our most recent installs was done at a local Humane Society outside of Pittsburgh, using our epoxy and polyaspartic coating system installed over the concrete. They were looking for a way to provide an area where the animals can walk without slipping and sliding, but also somewhere that the local volunteers and employees would be able to keep clean — all the while being aesthetically pleasing to potential adopters.

The new floor, safe on paws!

All it took for them to achieve this beautiful look was a quick phone call to our office. Once our representative arrived, he listened to the needs of the client and walked them through the process of grinding the floor, patching any cracks or problem areas, and then applying our multi-layer coating system throughout the commercial building. Once the plan was approved, Pittsburgh Garage was able to bring the project to life. We work with only the best top-of-the-line products, not only safe for us, but also for our pets.

Our concrete floor coatings checked all the right boxes. All it took was one meeting, and they knew Pittsburgh Garage was the right fit for the job. Our floor coatings provide exactly what they are looking for — not only are they easy to clean, but they also offer a non-slip surface. A small vacation for the animals and three days is all it took for us to provide the Humane Society with an aesthetically pleasing, safe, beautiful solution.

A closer view of the finish the client selected.

At Pittsburgh Garage, we are here to provide you with the top-quality service and respect that you deserve. Whether you have a single-car garage sitting out back full of your things that do not have an exact place to store, or you are running a car dealership in the middle of Robinson Township — we are here to help and provide you with high-quality, commercial-grade epoxy and Poly aspartic products for your home or business.

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