The garage is part of the house most commonly associated with vehicles. But what if the normal conception of a garage could be tossed aside? Square footage around the house is more valuable than ever, and it is time to break the norm and begin daydreaming about what your garage could be… traditions be damned. Here are five of the best alternative ways to use your garage, without your vehicle involved.

With the sports car outside, you have the opportunity to bring the sports inside. Being protected from the elements outside, the garage can be transformed into the sports court of your dreams. High ceilings? Think about a basketball hoop. Solid walls? Floor hockey sounds fun. Without the minivan, there is room for a netted batting cage or even a golf simulator. Of course, a home gym might be the most obvious way to fortify your garage.

With such endless options, Pittsburgh Garage has almost endless solutions and customization options. Metallic floor coatings are smooth and shiny and are built to withstand consistent activity. With decals and color coordination, you can support your favorite team.

Additionally, there is no better surface to put under your home gym than our fully designable and interchangeable heavy-duty tile flooring. Non-slip and water resistant to keep you fully supported and protect the foundation flooring below!

Of course, the ethos of Pittsburgh Garage is to help you create a space that is sleek and clean, and there is no better use for a nice clean and calming area than as a game room or entertainment mecca. If you enjoy shooting pool on a full-sized table, a game of ping pong with enough space to get competitive, or shuffleboard without worrying about getting sand in the carpet, the garage was made for your game dreams. After all, it isn’t easy to throw darts if you can’t get your feet set on a beautiful custom floor.

For the “less active” types of entertainment, bring in some furniture and turn down the lights to enjoy the space as a home theater. Light fixtures stunningly pop against the reflective surfaces we provide, adding an extra layer of immersion into your movies or sports-watching events.

Yeah yeah yeah, we get it: COVID-19. But let us face the reality together, increased work from home is here to stay and the vast majority of existing homes were not built to accommodate it. Talk to any new homebuilder and they will tell you that the days of homes without plans for an office are gone! New homes have them, so why not upgrade an existing home with a beautiful space to get work done?

If your garage is a stand-alone structure, it can even be a relief to separate the office from the busy home interior and find that profitable zen. Custom cabinets from Pittsburgh Garage can be built to your desired specifications and are perfect for file storage, desk options, and keeping all of your technology in a beautiful, controlled setting.

If you are tempted to mix business with pleasure, is there a better video conference background than your bar? Turning your garage into a workspace is a jump of faith that is intended for the modern business professional, do not be afraid to take that leap!

The last alternative used for your custom garage is a little dirtier and possibly a bit loud: the studio. Commercial-grade garage flooring might have been created with mechanics in mind, but they handle oil paint just as well as they handle motor oil, and can withstand all sorts of acidic or caustic artistic paints.

Amateur or professional, access the artist within by giving yourself a dedicated space to practice drawing, painting, or spraying a creative masterpiece. If you fancy yourself more of a musician, utilize overhead storage to hold all of the audio equipment when you are home from the tour, or create a custom hook set on slat walls to keep your cords controlled instead of tangled. If a decorative chip coating was built to withstand a full-sized truck, it will be the perfect surface to protect a drum kit and keep your jam going strong!

With these five alternative uses for a custom garage, you are ready to step outside of the box and witness the transformation of the most versatile room in your home into your dream space. Yes, we love our vehicles, but with the amount of design and textiles available, think about how you can use this space! Now, who is next up on the pool table?

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