Although garages are intended for cars, they often become storage for unwanted items such as old clothes and empty paint cans.

According to a study by the National Association of Professional Organizers, 50% of homeowners identified the garage as the most disorganized area of their home.

However, with spring around the corner, it’s time to finally give your garage the deep clean it deserves. Spring is a season of renewal and rebirth, making it the perfect time to refresh your home and garage since they can easily become cluttered and disorganized.

This article will walk you through some essential tips and tricks to help you tackle your garage spring cleaning project, from decluttering to organizing.

1. Organize Your Supplies

Are you ready to declutter? You’ll have to sift through your belongings, decide what you no longer need, and how to keep your valuable items safe.

To make this process a breeze, it’s best to have plenty of watertight containers and large garbage bags. And if you’re planning on doing some cleaning, don’t forget to grab an all-purpose cleaner, broom, step stool, and some trusty microfiber cloths.

With these essentials by your side, you’ll be decluttering and organizing like a pro in no time!

2. Make a Schedule that Works for You

Spring is an excellent time to clean up your garage. If the weather is pleasant, you may want to finish cleaning your garage in one day to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

But be honest about how much time you can realistically spend cleaning and organizing. You should also be ready for anything unexpected that might pop up and take your time.

3. Create a Checklist

Cleaning your garage can be a lot easier if you make a checklist. This simple trick helps you organize and keep track of what needs to be done. Plus, as you complete each task, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction.

With a checklist, you can easily figure out precisely what should be done to make your messy garage into a neat and usable space in your home.

4. Sort Your Belongings into Piles

Once you’ve emptied your garage, it’s time to sort everything into three piles: keep, throw, and give away. But before you start making decisions about what to keep or toss, consider a few things:

1. How Often Do You Use It?

Think about how often you actually use each item. Some things may have sentimental value, but if you haven’t used them in years, consider giving them away to a friend or family member who could use them.

2. Does It Work Properly?

Ask yourself if an item still functions well. If it’s broken beyond repair or just taking up space, it’s probably time to say goodbye.

3. What Kind of Storage Does it Need?

Figure out where everything goes, and don’t just put all the extra things in the garage. While the garage is great for storing holiday decorations and paint, it’s not always the best place for everything. Look at what you have and consider if some items could be stored in a closet or attic for the long haul.

5. Deep Clean Your Garage

You can now give your garage a deep clean that will last for the rest of the year. Here are some easy tips to get started:

  • Use a broom to sweep the walls, ceiling, and any hidden corners
  • Close your garage door and clean its panels and moving parts
  • Scrub the floor with a soft-bristled brush, hot water, and light detergent
  • Wipe down the garage door opener, door handles, jamb, and light switches with a damp cloth to sanitize them

6. Choose the Right Storage Options

If you’ve already cleaned your garage, it’s time to add some organization to the mix.

Keeping similar items together, like your office supplies or gardening tools, will help you save time and stay organized. Label your storage containers and cupboards, so you know where everything goes.

Here are a few smart storage ideas you can try out:
  • Waterproof plastic containers are perfect for storing items outside, even in wet weather or during floods
  • Shelves can help you keep things off the ground and easy to reach
  • Closets and cabinets work well for things you don’t need very often
  • Hang tools on hooks or pegboards on your empty walls to maximize space
  • If you have high ceilings, consider installing shelves or racks for your bike

Spring is the perfect season to clean up your garage because the weather is pleasant and you might have some extra days off work.

If you need help cleaning and organizing your garage, you can turn to professionals like Pittsburgh Garage. While it can be fun to clean and organize your garage yourself, it can also be very tiring.

So, why not have your garage professionally cleaned and organized for good? Contact our team today!

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