Commercial spaces hosting customers and visitors need a clean, safe, and sturdy floor. To look like a well-established business, business owners must invest in the highest quality interior. If you flake on getting suitable flooring initially, the lower quality floor starts to fade and even tear with time. The good news is that investing in high-quality commercial floor coatings will make your floor as good as new. To ensure a floor that looks great and stands the test of time, use the practices below.

  • Schedule your coating strategically

The coating of the commercial floor is significantly different from that of residential floors. Unlike your commercial space, you can leave home for a few days and live elsewhere while the coating is applied. However, this is not the case with business spaces; you cannot close your office up for multiple days as it will disturb business operations. You also don’t want to rush things, or it will affect the floor quality. So schedule a day when your workload will be less or try to utilize the weekends.

  • Select your flooring type carefully

Commercial floor applications come in various options, including tile flooring, epoxy, and concrete coatings. The common preference for commercial floors is epoxy. Because epoxy floor offers excellent durability, it is a convenient and practical option for commercial flooring. However, your coating choice depends on your budget, flooring needs, and visual preferences. Interlocking tiles can also be a great choice with lots of customization options.

  • Clean the existing floor

Coatings will make a sturdy bond with dirty floors. Whatever materials you use, it’s essential to clean your floor first. You can scrub the floor by hand or power wash it for a sparkling clean floor and start the application procedure. When you work with Pittsburgh Garage, this is all handled by our installers.

  • Find areas for repairs

Floors need cleaning and repairing as well. Both have significant importance in commercial coating. Avoid latex repairs because the floors do not respond well to them, and they can damage the coating process. Find contraction pits, joints, cracks, and other damages to repair. Working with Pittsburgh Garage eliminates the need for this step – we handle it all from start to finish.

  • Ensure you have a proper environment

Ignoring temperate and humidity levels can mess with your commercial floor flooring. It would be best if you kept the environmental conditions optimal for the floor to get the best quality and utility. For epoxy floor coating, you must maintain 50 to 86°F or 10 to 30°C. And for concrete, you will need 40 to 60°F. Tile flooring can be installed at any temperature.

  • Apply epoxy coating evenly

Finishing your floor with epoxy to your floor is a tricky task. Once you have poured the coating material, you must act fast and spread it evenly. It is better to take help from professionals like Pittsburgh Garage to execute the job correctly on the first attempt. Take no risk with the commercial coating process, or you will end up wasting precious money and time.

  • Give epoxy coatings enough time to dry

It’s imperative to give epoxy flooring at least 24 hours to cure and dry before putting up heavy machinery. You have invested enough time and money in the coating, so let the materials dry and make the most of your investment.

Bring the floor of your business back to life with Pittsburgh Garage

Pittsburgh Garage can help businesses make their workspace interior attractive with brand-new commercial floor coatings. Our professionals will assist in choosing the suitable material for your floor and applying the coating. Visit our website to get a free estimate or give us a call at (724) 302-0661.

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