Have you ever wished that your garage could be more useful? For summer, a garage makeover is great to get organized, removing clutter, and making your life easier. It is not the most exciting experience, but you will be so glad that you invested in the effort. Follow these six steps with garage organization ideas that get your garage in order and give you the storage you can use.

Step 1: Remove Everything from Your Garage

Whenever you start a major overhaul of a room, it is too tempting to keep stuff in corners or on shelves. It may cloud your decision-making when you need to look at your possessions objectively. Take everything out of your garage to a space where you and others can sort through it. Pick a nice day and take it out to your driveway, or into your backyard if it makes sense.

Step 2: Sort Through Your Items

This is a perfect time to get some serious clutter out of your life. The garage tends to become the clutter-catcher of the rest of the house, the place where homeowners stuff things when they are preparing for a company or trying to clean another room. Now you can get it out, forever. Sort the items into piles that you plan to keep, sell, donate, or throw out. Be realistic about anything you intend to sell so that it does not sit in your garage for another year.

Step 3: Engage Your Family in Sorting

With the garbage out of the way, you can begin to determine what will stay in the garage. This is a family affair, so get all members of the household into the sorting space to start working. Divide up the remaining items by a family member, and have each person start sorting through them. Make decisions as a family about what will be stored in the garage once the makeover is complete. Create a plan to keep the new area tidy, so that it does not become cluttered again.

Step 4: Deep Clean Your Garage

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for, to finally clean your garage the way it deserves. Take a good look at all surfaces from top to bottom. Start with the ceiling and start wiping. Use brooms to get rid of cobwebs but be sure to wipe away all the dust and debris that accumulates in the corners as well. Work your way down the walls, taking care to note spots that have suffered damage. Repair small holes, dents, or scrapes with joint compound. Invest your time on the floor, to remove stains, seal cracks, and make it completely clean.

If you want to change the flooring and repaint the walls a different color, this is your best opportunity. Select colors that will open up the space and work well with any garage storage systems you want to install. For a truly professional appearance, call in a professional to put in an epoxy floor coating. The floor coating will protect the floor’s surface while making it easier to clean and less slippery in the winter and spring. Epoxy floor coating also offers a shine you cannot get anywhere else.

Step 5: Select and Install Storage Systems

Make a list of what you have and think of ways you could get it up off the floor. You have ample choices for storing everything you would like to keep in the garage. Check out these options:

  • Shelving: Too many homeowners have little or nothing on their garage walls to organize their stuff. Garage shelving is an easy way to start. Consider shelves to hold bins and boxes, as well as your toolbox and other small pieces of equipment.
  • Garage Cabinets: Cabinetry is the next step up from shelving, to add further utility and make your garage the envy of the neighborhood. Custom garage cabinets are built to your specifications. They will hold precisely what you need, where you need it. Cabinets are designed in a variety of sizes, to provide shelf space for smaller items and even bigger tools or sports equipment.
  • Hook Systems: Despite being a fairly simple storage device, hooks are perfect for all the different kinds of equipment you maintain in the garage. Install large hooks for bikes, skis, snowboards, ladders, shovels, rakes, and more. Small hooks and pegboards make an ideal spot for your hand tools or gardening implements. You can set aside a place for everything that you need regularly so that you always know where to find it.
  • Overhead Storage: Do not forget about your ceiling, as it could be a veritable treasure trove of useful real estate in your garage. If you find that you have too much in your garage to safely put on the walls, use overhead storage for the items you use a little less frequently. The storage accommodates lightweight but bulky equipment that would not fit well on a wall and would become a tripping hazard on the floor. Start with off-season sports equipment and decorations for the winter holidays. After the summer, you can cycle it out.

Step 6: Consider Consulting a Professional

The sorting and cleaning can be a little daunting, but determining what kinds of storage are best for your needs may be more complicated than you expected. Call a professional for a design consultation. Their expertise will help you create a garage that works ideally for your family.

Once your garage makeover is all done, you will feel so great that you will wonder why you did not do it sooner. Just start slowly and take it one step at a time. Contact us today to request a free mailed idea brochure.

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