Hopefully, your garage has enough space that you can still park your car inside. Even so, you’re probably stepping over and around big piles of stuff, from tools to sporting equipment to holiday decorations.

There is a better way! It’s called a comprehensive garage storage system. It includes wall racks and hangers, shelving, and overhead storage, and a wide range of custom cabinetry designed to fit your space.

We’ve compiled a short list of ways you can organize and store all your stuff and at the same time provide plenty of parking space.

  • Tools — Organized and Ready to Use

The tools you have in your garage may range from rakes and shovels to hammers and screwdrivers. Each one requires a different type of organization option. A good starting point is to select a grid wall or slatwall rack system. Both types have several options for hooks: single, double, and S-shaped. There are also purpose-built tool holders for holding things like screwdriver sets. There are holders for power tools, including extension cords and/or battery chargers. Try wall mounts or overhead racks for extension ladders.

  • Toys and Sports Gear — Action Ready

Your sporting equipment, gear, and toys come in all shapes and sizes—from golf balls to basketballs to skis to chalk for the kiddos. An open mesh basket can provide the perfect space to toss sports balls into, still providing visibility to find the one you need. We have a variety of wall mounts or overhead racks for bikes, along with accompanying holders for helmets. You can also find special storage racks for golf bags, tennis gear, fishing rods, and ice hockey and lacrosse sticks.

  • Supplies — Out of the Way, but Easy to Find

You probably have a wide range of cleaning and garden supplies stashed around your garage. The challenge is finding them when you need them. Garage storage systems include shelving and fold-out bins that are perfect for storing all those items. You can even install a paper towel holder to make cleaning up messes a breeze. Consider a lockable cabinet for storing pesticides and chemicals that need to be kept out of children’s reach.

  • Automobile Needs – Top Level Storage

If you’ve got winter tires and wheels stored in your garage, they are probably taking up a large amount of real estate. Instead, there are overhead storage options that get them out of the way but are easily accessible. Cabinets with pull-out drawers are perfect for storing socket wrench sets and other automotive tools and equipment. Bins and shelves are convenient for storing motor oil, brake, degreaser fluid, polish, wax, and whatever else comes in a bottle or can. We can also install a workbench that doubles as more storage.

  • Seasonal Items — Out of Sight Until You Need Them

Overhead storage systems are perfect for seasonal items like holiday decorations. You can use large transparent bins if you want to readily spot the stuff in storage, or you can use opaque bins that make for much less visual clutter. Of course, it’s wise to label opaque bins to avoid the task of opening every single one to find out what’s in there.

Visualize the Perfect Ways to Store Your Stuff

That’s a good overview of the options available for garage storage systems. However, we know that it can be daunting to determine where to start.

We can help with our 3D computer-aided design software. Starting with a free on-site consultation, we can generate a visual image of the perfect storage system. You’ll see exactly how it will look before we even get started.

It’s time to investigate the options for your garage. Contact Pittsburgh Garage for a free on-site consultation. We can help you make your garage dreams come true!

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