You could have the most marvelous garage storage system in the world. But, when your garage door opens, what is the first thing your neighbors see? The garage floor, in all its glory. If your garage floor is an expanse of dirty cement with cracks and oil stains, you need something better. Lest you think that garage floor coatings are only for aesthetics, you should know that our garage floor options present a professional look while they help you protect your investment.

  1. Aesthetics. Of course, aesthetics are important. Who wants a garage that looks like it has been trashed? Decorative chip garage floor coatings complete the look for any homeowners who want to be proud of their garages. Imagine a garage floor that appears to be made of granite. You have so many choices, you will get the look that is right for your home.
  2. Easy cleaning. Real granite, of course, is not particularly easy to maintain. Yet, garage floor coatings are. During the winter, you bring snow, ice, road salt, and dirt into your garage practically every day. But all you have to do to clean the floor is spray it off with water or take a mop to it.
  3. Stain-resistant. The problem with stains in the garage is that they are particularly ugly and difficult to deal with. That oil leak in the car? What a mess! But at least you do not have to worry that spills will ruin the beauty of your garage floor. Our floors are stain-resistant because the coating is not porous. That keeps oil, dirt, and liquids from being absorbed by the floor, making cleaning and stain removal a snap.
  4. Slip-resistant. A slick design on your garage may make you wonder, ‘Is the floor slick?’ Thankfully, the answer is no. During the winter, or anytime your garage floor becomes wet, you risk slipping and falling. The coating on the floor makes your garage slip resistant. And while that does not mean you will never fall; the likelihood of sliding goes way down. Score one for fewer trips to the emergency room.
  5. Simple installation. The best part is the ease of installation. Our methods to install garage flooring means that we can do it any time of year, even in the dead of winter. We do not use volatile organic compounds, which means that you do not have to worry about horrible fumes coming from the floor into your home. And, since our garage floor coatings usually cure within 24 hours, your garage is only out of commission for a very short time.

There is no reason not to consider getting a coating for your garage floor. With these benefits, which create a fantastic floor that is simple to maintain, you cannot lose.

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