Cabinets, shelving, slatwall, pegboard, overhead shelves – with so many garage storage systems to choose from, how do you decide which ones are right for you? Follow these steps and you’ll quickly discover just what garage storage options you’ll benefit from the most.custom garage organization

Assess Your Needs First

Take a look at the bare walls in your garage. This vertical space is currently being wasted, but you can make the most of it with garage cabinets, slatwall or shelving. Take measurements to figure out what size garage storage system can fit in your space. This gives you a starting point when shopping for the right solution.


Decide What Stays and What Goes

The storage system you choose depends on what items you plan to store in the garage. To create a more organized space and make it easier to find what you’re looking for, it’s wise to completely empty out the garage. You need to decide what’s worth keeping and what you should get rid of.

As a general rule of thumb, if an item has been collecting dust for the past year or more, it’s unlikely you’ll ever use it again. Sell unwanted items to bring in a little money and help cover the cost of installing garage storage systems. Donate or throw away the rest.

Just remember, if you’re holding onto outdated or broken electronics, these items need to be disposed of properly. Locate a recycling center and get rid of your electronics this way.


Sort Through the Belongings You Choose to Keep

Decide what you want to continue storing in the garage and what items should be stored elsewhere. For example, backpacks and jackets may fair better in the mudroom or hall closet, and half-used paint cans should be moved to the backyard shed to prevent fumes from wafting into your home.

Next, sort through the items you want to keep in the garage by size and function. Decide where you want to store sporting equipment, gardening supplies, car parts and camping gear. By dedicating sections of your garage to each category, finding the items you need a few weeks or months from now will be easier.


Make Quality a Priority

Now you’re ready to install the garage storage systems of your choice. Just remember not to skimp on quality or you’ll end up having to redo your garage sooner than you wish. Look for garage storage options that are built with thick shelves, sturdy hardware and other features that are clearly built to last. The cost may be slightly higher upfront, but the longevity is well worth it.

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