Most of us tend to dump all the equipment, tools, junk, and out-of-season décor in the garage while the rest of the house stays relatively clean. The garage is typically the place that is used for storage and dirty work like car maintenance, but with clutter, it becomes a huge mess.

A messy garage can lead to hazards and safety issues, simultaneously deteriorating the garage’s condition. It’s almost always in a homeowner’s best interest to organize their garage for good.

4 Efficient Methods To Organize Your Garage

You can use the following methods to organize your garage effectively:

  • Get Custom Cabinets

Adding additional storage is always an effective method to reduce clutter. Consider installing custom garage cabinets to help stow away extra boxes, tools, containers, or anything else that doesn’t have a home. You will be able to find the tools more quickly and eliminate clutter.

The best part about custom cabinets is the flexibility of design. You can design them according to your storage and aesthetic needs. Proper storage can save you considerable time and money throughout the lifetime of your home.

  • Get Slatwall Storage

Another efficient way of organizing your garage storage is using slatwall shelves. They are made of a structural material used for display fixtures and wall coverings. They are durable and strong, plus they are capable of supporting considerable weight.

You can install shelves according to your desired height and hang bins to store larger items. In addition, you can add wired baskets to place your sporting equipment like hockey and baseball bats. Slatwall storage is also a great solution for organizing bags, bicycling gear, ropes, etc. As a space-saving storage option, it helps make your garage clutter-free and organized.

  • Gridwall Storage

Gridwall paneling is a reliable and simple storage method that attaches to your garage walls. You can use it to hang tools like shovels, brooms, wrenches, and many others.

Garage grid wall storage is ideal for hanging bicycles and attaching baskets to store hand tools and sports equipment. You can also use attachments to place tools like hammers and shovels.

  • Use Overhead Storage

You probably have boxes and tools you may not need frequently. Items that are seasonal or bulky are perfect candidates for overhead storage. Since items are stored up towards the ceiling, overhead storage is also an excellent option for storing things you want to keep out of reach of children and pets, like power tools that you don’t use often.

Overhead garage storage is attached to the ceiling with bolts. It is easy to access, keeps your items neat and out of sight, and can protect your valuable belongings from hazards like potential flooding.

Get Expert Help with Garage Storage

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