There’s no doubt about it – winter has arrived in Pittsburgh! Is your home ready for the colder weather? If you haven’t already done so, it’s wise to add weather stripping to any old windows and doors, add another layer of insulation to the attic, and install storm windows.
Once you complete these steps, don’t forget about winterizing your garage floor! This area of your home experiences extra wear and tear in the winter, so help it get through the season unscathed with the following three tips.

Clean the Garage Floor Thoroughly

This may sound more like a spring-cleaning chore than a wintertime one, but this a great time of year to deep clean the garage floor and remove soil, mud, and leaves left behind from summer and autumn. Here are the basic steps for cleaning your garage floor:

  • Sweep away loose dirt and debris with a push broom.
  • Mix 1/3 cup liquid laundry detergent in one gallon of water and pour the soapy solution on the garage
  • floor. Scrub the floor with a deck brush to remove grease and other unsightly stains.
  • Rinse the floor with a garden hose and push water out of the garage with a squeegee broom.

Consider an Epoxy Floor Coating

This is an excellent flooring material to install in the winter. Once in place, an epoxy floor coating lasts many years. Here’s why epoxy is the best choice for custom garage flooring:

  • Epoxy is an easy-to-clean custom garage flooring material. If something spills or road ice leaves white stains behind, simply sweep away loose materials and mop up the remaining residue.
  • , Unlike bare concrete, epoxy will never pit or stain when it comes in contact with deicing chemicals and road salt that your car tracks into the garage.
  • Epoxy is slip resistant so you’re less likely to have an accident even when the floor is wet from melting snow.
  • It’s safe for the epoxy to be installed in cold temperatures as low as 32 degrees. This means you don’t have to wait until spring to have your new floor coating installed.
  • Epoxy is beautiful and will add to the visual appeal of your garage.

Add Floor Mats

Deicing chemicals and road salts don’t mix well with indoor floor coverings. They can make carpets wear out faster and even leave stains on some types of tile. To help prevent this, it’s wise to lay down runner mats alongside the car or a floor mat in front of the door leading from the garage to the house. This way, you can wipe your feet before walking inside and help preserve your interior flooring.

Do you think an epoxy floor coating could be right for your garage? To learn more, contact Pittsburgh Garage and schedule a free design consultation.

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